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Day 3: Remorse

A Reckoning Today, in the cold light of reflection, I’ve come to terms with the chaos. Control is the name of the game, or so I thought until the sad, forlorn face of the beef… Read More »Day 3: Remorse

Day 2: Cluster-F***

So, you think you know remorse, huh? Well, buddy, forget about the guilt trip you take every night – we’re diving into a whole new level of regret. Picture this: a day so chaotic, it… Read More »Day 2: Cluster-F***

Day 1: Kick Off

Today marked the kick-off of my transformative journey, and here’s a candid account of how the day unfolded: Weight Tracking: Started the day at 98kg. Yep, it’s a number that grabbed my attention. I’ll be… Read More »Day 1: Kick Off

About Mancunian Mallu!

Welcome to Mancunian Mallu, your ultimate destination for a transformative fitness journey with a Mancunian Malayali flair! Dive into the inspiring story of a Malayali navigating the vibrant streets of Manchester while embarking on a… Read More »About Mancunian Mallu!