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Day 2: Cluster-F***

So, you think you know remorse, huh? Well, buddy, forget about the guilt trip you take every night – we’re diving into a whole new level of regret. Picture this: a day so chaotic, it makes a tornado look like a gentle breeze. Yep, that was my yesterday, and let me tell you, it was a masterpiece of mayhem.

The Nightly Nightmare Parade

It all started with a late-night rendezvous with the Sandman. Thanks to my prolonged slumber, my daughter decided to spice up the night with a series of nocturnal frights. I’m talking nightmares that could rival a horror movie marathon. So much for beauty sleep – mine was more of a beastly slumber.

Gym? More Like Zzz-gym

Waking up at the ungodly hour of 8 am, I felt like a zombie on a Monday morning. The grand plan of hitting the gym got squashed like a bug under the weight of exhaustion. My muscles cried for mercy, but my bed had a vice grip on me.

Cake Chronicles

Fast forward to the evening – a beacon of hope for my fitness aspirations. But alas, Friday had other plans. Friends and relatives invaded my humble abode armed with the ultimate weapon – ‘Elite’ plum cake. One bite turned into a cake massacre. I went from zero to cake coma real quick.

Midnight Mischief

As the clock struck 7 (because apparently, it’s pitch black in Manchester by then), we embarked on a midnight quest to Tesco. Beef and pork made it into the shopping cart faster than you can say “diet disaster.” My brother, the culinary wizard, whipped up fried rice, and that’s when reality slapped me in the face – I was in too deep.

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