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Day 3: Remorse

A Reckoning

Today, in the cold light of reflection, I’ve come to terms with the chaos. Control is the name of the game, or so I thought until the sad, forlorn face of the beef fry caught my eye. Resistance was futile. Two Kerala porottas and a cup of tea later (yes, with milk and sugar, because why not add insult to injury), I surrendered to the culinary conspiracies.

And so, the saga continues – a tale of late nights, cake conquests, and beefy battles.

<Let me come back and fill up this form later, need to take my wife to shopping>

Tomorrow is a new day, they say. Here’s to hoping it’s a day where the fork meets discipline before it meets my mouth. Cheers to culinary calamities and the eternal struggle for self-control! 🍰🍖☕️

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